1. Are your nutrition plans ‘keto only’?
No. Although the keto diet has worked for me, we will work together to create a nutrition plan based on your budget, goals, and schedule.

2. Do you work with males and female?
Yes. I work with people of all genders and create programming specific to their needs and goals.

3. Do you work with clients with pre-existing injuries?
Yes. When completing your questionnaire, be sure to list out any preexisting medical conditions or injuries so we can work together to create a program with those in mind. And as always, please consult your physician prior to any change in exercise routine.

4. Do you work with athletes?
Yes. Being a D1 football athlete at the University of Texas and having worked under the Strength and Conditioning President, I am well educated and trained on the needs of high-performance athletes.

5. What age groups do you work with?
I work with people of all ages. However, I will need parental consent prior to any personalized nutrition and training programming for anyone under the age of 18.

6. What programs do you offer?
I offer 3 different types of programs ranging from nutrition only plan, training only plan, and a combined nutrition & training plan.
Elite Nutrition Plan: this is a personalized nutrition plan based on your budget, goals and schedule.
Elite Training Plan: this is a personalized training plan based on your budget, goals and schedule.
Elite Total 360 Plan: this is our most popular package as it combines personalized nutrition and training for a 360 approach to accomplishing your goals. Not only is it our most popular, but we’ve seen the best results produced with this program.

7. How are your memberships structured?
I don’t believe in being tied into monthly contracts or monthly commitments because I know life can get in the way. So, I offer monthly memberships where you pay for the month in which you want my guidance. To see best results, I recommend a timeframe of at least 3-6 months.

8. I have to skip a month, what should I do?
Luckily, we have no contract here. If something happens and you have to skip a month, just let me know and we’ll pick up the following month and you won’t be charged for the month being skipped.

9. What’s the best way to contact you?
I believe in great communication so when you sign up for one of my programs, you’ll have access to me whenever you have questions.

10. I’m not seeing results as quickly as I expected, now what?
Results vary by individual so there’s not a one fits all solution. Typically, results will be seen within the first two weeks but may take longer depending on the program and frequency.